About Us

LEES personalised TEES
was started in 1975 by
former Suffolk Junior Golf Champion
JEREMY H. LEE (1956 and 1957)

Since that date, literally millions of printed wooden golf tees have left our premises in Bury St. Edmunds for destinations throughout the UK and across the world. Current exports are made to over 70 countries, with most recently Russia, Iceland and Cyprus being added.

2005 marked our 30th Anniversary
and we are looking forward to continuing with the supply of TOP QUALITY printed wooden golf tees in both of the most popular current sizes available, 55mm and 70mm, for many years to come.

Recently we have been aware of the presence of cheap imports from countries such as China, Hong Kong and Pakistan. These tees are of an inferior strength and quality, and as such are just ‘one hit wonders’, and can therefore be seen littering the tee-off areas of most golf courses.

Samples of our thicker and stronger tees are readily available for your own testing!
Just contact us with your request and delivery address.

Go on, take up our challenge today and compare ours with what you may already have from elsewhere, and see!

BIG drivers NEED
BIG ‘strong’ TEES

Please note:
This testimonial is dedicated to Big Ron and Little Queenie
for their tremendous support in those early years.

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